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Mason's parents, Zach Waddle and Libby Minium, were tragically killed the morning of August 9th, 2008 by a drunk driver. Please contribute to Mason's future. He is only one year old.


Official collections are being made at 100% of these collections will be placed into a trust fund in Mason's name.

Thank you for your support.

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10.04.08 UPDATE

- Special Thanks to the Russ Goddard, Andy Goddard, Gib, and Greg Hatcher from Goddard Industrial in Tennessee for the absolutely beautiful stainless plaque to honor Zach and Libby in Pacific City. If you are attending the Jet Ski World Finals this plaque will be on display at the Zach Waddle Freeride Tent between Blowsion and Hydro Turf.

- Also available at the World Finals will be the these limited edition “Pro Zach” stickers (view). They are free for a small contribution to the Mason Trust. A shout out thank you to John Reinke at Pacific Coast Paint in Portland Oregon for making this unreal and heart felt contribution to little Mason.

- Congratulations to little Mason as he just turned one year old on August 20th. As you can see he can shred a birthday cake as well as Zach could shred a Pacific Ocean wave!

- Thank you to Watercraft World magazine editor Jason Johnson for the print article in the current Sept/Oct 08 issue honoring Zach.

- Special thanks to our favorite French Frog Fotographer Ludo Mouveau at for the incredible pictures that you see added.

- A rare pic of Zach ripping some salmon out of the water with his step dad John on the Columbia River. (Note “underpowered” Zach Waddle approved Mercury outboard J )

Mason just celebrated his one-year birthday on August 20th (11 days after this terrible accident). An immense thank you is in order to the IJSBA (International Jet Ski Boating Association) and its President, Scott Frazier. A 10x20 Zach Waddle Freeride Booth space has been donated by the ISJBA to be located between the Blowsion Booth and Hydro Turf booth in the Performance Alley at this years World Finals in Lake Havasu, AZ October 4-12, 2008.

This booth will feature Zach Waddle's Pro Freeride Super Jet on display, large format print pictures of Zach, Libby, and Mason as well as the unveiling of a billet aluminum memorial plaque that will be permanently located at Zach’s favorite surf riding beach in Pacific City Oregon after World Finals. There will also be a scrapbook for those who would like to leave the little charger a written message or photograph. Contributions for Mason’s trust will be accepted at this booth as well. Many of the world’s top Pro Freeriders (Ross Champion, Pierre Maixent and more) will be in town all week to support Zach’s memory and Mason’s booth, as well as being active fans of the racing. Please feel free to stop by for an autograph and to share in the good vibe for Mason.

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